Calculator Free for Windows 10

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Basic but elegant free calculator for Windows 8

Calculator Free for Windows 8 is a free calculator app for Windows 8 and Windows RT that comes with several elegant backgrounds.

A useful addition to Windows 8

Windows 8 and Windows RT don't come with a calculator by default and, for many users, the convenience of having a desktop calculator is something they miss. Although you can of course use your phone to do quick calculations, sometimes you want the screen real estate of a tablet or PC desktop which Calculator Free for Windows 8 gives you.Calculator apps are usually boring looking, choosing function over form but Calculator Free for Windows 8 combines both very well. There are four elegant backgrounds for you to choose from, all of various nature scenes. The calculator can perform simple addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication but that's it. There are no scientific features so it's not suitable for mathematicians or maths students.Switching themes is also very easy - you simply tap or click one of the color theme buttons at the top of the screen. The only slight downside is that small ads occasionally appear at the bottom of the screen but not enough to be a real nuisance.

A tasteful calculator for all users

If you want a simple calculator that integrates nicely into Windows 8, Calculator Free for Windows 8 is a good choice. '


  • Simple
  • easy to use
  • Big buttons
  • Looks great


  • No scientific functions
  • Only 4 themes
  • Small popup ads

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Calculator Free for Windows 10

  • Gratis
  • In Nederlands
  • V
  • 3.7
  • (282)
  • Beveiligingsstatus

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    bedankt voor de download.
    bedankt voor deze download hoop dat het wat is kan hem goed gebruiken


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